About the Senior School

Life is very vibrant and full in the Senior School, with opportunities to develop further skills as extracurricular activities.  Lower School comprises years 7-9 and Upper School years 10 – 11.  There is a wide range of sports on offer, but our philosophy is that our pupils must be able to develop a talent for the sport of their choice, with a careful balance between team and individual sports.  Everybody is encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities and clubs, with our approach again being to offer something for everyone.  Visiting specialists, professionals and our own teaching team offer these activities, both in school and also in local activity centres.

We offer a wide range of different subjects and respond to the individual profile of each year group, recognising how important it is that young people follow their own goals and have the opportunity to capitalise on their own interests.  Being a smaller school, we have the flexibility to do this in a way that much larger schools cannot.  If you refer to our aims and ethos, our principal consideration is enabling each child to reach their own potential, but whilst doing so, to develop resilience, confidence and strong self-esteem appropriate to the demands of adult life and future careers.

During these years of upper senior school, young people face many challenges as they make sense of the world and understand their own character and that of others.  There’s no denying the fact that growing up has gained modern complexities, through the use of social media and the pressures to be a particular way.  Thankfully, we have created an environment at St. Michael’s School where young people can be themselves and be proud of the diversity amongst each other.  A true measure of a school’s success in this area is seen when they leave us to go to university with respect for others’ differences and confidence in their own character.  Nevertheless, during these formative years our pupils have access to a professional counsellor in school who can provide advice and support for a range of practical problems.  Our pastoral system is designed to identify anything which can impact on a young person’s wellbeing at the earliest opportunity and key staff meet regulary to put in place appropriate support throughout the year.