School policies

Page last updated: 13th February 2019

Our school policies are under a continual review process and cover a wide range of areas.  They are updated regularly in response to statutory requirements or guidelines issued by a range of organisations, including the Welsh Assembly, Carmarthenshire County Council, Estyn & Care Inspectorate Wales.  Schools are required to have certain policies by law, such as an admissions or complaints policy.  Many other policies are essential to our work and combine guidelines with our own working practices.  Certain members of staff are responsible for keeping specific policies up to date and compliant, but the Headmaster leads the overall process of reviewing and updating policies.

St. Michael’s School recognises that all policies are only effective and achieve what they set out to do, if they are implemented and used in practice by our staff.  We therefore take steps to train staff routinely in our organisational policies, through our INSET days, as well as covering the most significant ones as part of the initial induction process for new staff.

The following is a list is just a fraction of all the policies that we adhere to.  All of the following are available upon request to the parents/guardians of existing/prospective pupils and some available to read online (please make any requests to the school office, providing your name, email address and contact telephone number):

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Countering Bullying Policy

Countering Cyber Bullying Policy

Data Privacy Notice – Parents and guardians

Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

Whistleblowing Policy for Staff and Volunteers

Parental Complaints Policy and Procedures

Safer Recruitment Policy (Staff & Volunteers)

Curriculum Policy

Health and Safety Policy (including Trips and Visits)

Discipline for Learning Policy (Pupil Behaviour)

First Aid Policy

Admissions Policy

Exclusions Policy

eSafety Policy

Critical/Major Incident Policy


Risk Assessments Policy (the drawing up and review of)