International Students

International Students

St Mikes 6th formWe recognise the value of cultural diversity and therefore welcome applications from students of any nationality. Currently across the senior school we have students from a range of countries across the world, including China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Nigeria, Russia, and Thailand creating a vibrant international community. The majority of international students are full-time boarders.

International students, as long as they meet our entry standards, can join the following year groups:

Pre-GCSE (Key Stage 3): Years 7 & 8

GCSE Preparation: Year 9

GCSE Two year Course: Year 10

A Level Two year Course: Year 12

How to Apply:

Applications can be submitted online or you can download the application form and submit to or send by post. Obviously online is quick and easy and allows us to respond quickly. With your application we require the following documents:

• School report for the current and previous year (certified translated copy where applicable)

• Passport copy

• Copies of any English Language Exams you may have completed.

Send your documents to:

Entrance Assessments:

Once we have the above documentation all applicants are assessed in English and Maths.  The English assessment includes the Oxford Online Placement with a written paper and the Maths paper is relevant to the Year group you will join.  Entrance papers can take place during a visit to the school, a meeting overseas with the Director of Admissions, at the office of an approved Educational representative or at the British Council Office. Once we have the completed assessments the school will advise which year group is most suitable for you and how much, if any, additional ESOL lessons are required. The Head of ESOL may also wish to Skype with you should he feel that your English requires a verbal assessment. Across most of our year groups an international student can access language support (ESOL or IELTS classes). Ideally where possible we welcome potential students and their parents/guardian to visit the school. This allows you to see the school first hand and have the opportunity to chat to subject teachers and meet with current students. However where this is not possible you may have the opportunity to meet the Director of Admissions in your own city or alternatively a skype appointment will be arranged.