Our Pastoral Care

Pupils thrive when they feel well supported at school and when they feel at home in their environment.  There is a great family atmosphere at St. Michael’s, where everyone is encouraged to look out for each other.

A caring ethos


We like to think of each Form as something of a family unit. Normally, the Form Teacher will move up the school with their pupils and is therefore well placed to offer the support, encouragement and guidance achieved by such close, stable relationships.

This system of support provides our pupils with someone to turn to if they are worried or concerned. In addition two members of staff have special responsibility for counselling and pastoral care and offer a space where young people can talk in confidence and work through any problems with a sympathetic, experienced and understanding adult.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)


PSHEE is built into our timetable with weekly sessions and offers a chance to learn about and discuss, within their Form Group, the issues affecting their lives. Our PSHEE sessions are tailored to the needs of each year group.

At the end of every term, one to one meetings are arranged with Form Teachers where pupils discuss their progress, targets and also talk through any concerns. Similar meetings can also be arranged with the Heads of Year.