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biologyyr92016-day4-90Why Study GCSE Biology?

Biology is a useful stepping-stone towards a variety of careers including medicine, veterinary science, physiotherapy or other biological disciplines. However, many study biology because they enjoy the subject and then pursue careers in other areas. Biology is about being curious and imaginative. It involves practical work including use of the microscope, microbiology and working with enzymes.

Biology is an extremely popular Science subject at GCSE level. It is an important source of knowledge and training for those whose Science schooling will end at this level and additionally, it is a firm basis for students wishing to continue with a scientific career.

What is the WJEC GCSE Biology course content and how are pupils assessed?

Science courses at GCSE changed in September 2016. We follow the WJEC GCSE Biology course, which offers assessment at higher tier (grades A* – D) or foundation tier (grades C-G).
All content in the specification is introduced in such a way that it develops learners’ ability to:
• understand scientific concepts through the specific discipline of biology
• understand the nature, processes and methods of science, through different types of scientific enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them
• apply observational, practical, modelling, enquiry and problem-solving skills, both in the laboratory, in the field and in other learning environments
• evaluate claims based on science through critical analysis of the methodology, evidence and conclusions, both qualitatively and quantitatively

The WJEC GCSE Biology course is comprised of 3 units, for more details, click here >>

Both written papers will comprise a mix of short answer questions, structured questions, extended writing and data response questions with some set in a practical context.

What resources will pupils be provided with?

Each pupil is provided with a hard copy of the WJEC Biology textbook, as well as detailed topic booklets produced in-house.
The textbook can also be ordered as an e textbook from as follows:
Title: WJEC GCSE Biology Student textbook
Author: Jeremy Pollard, Adrian Schmit
ISBN: 9781471868818

How is the course delivered?

The subject is brought alive using a variety of learning and teaching approaches including ICT images and animations, as well as board work, discussions, quizzes, investigative practical work, presentations, questions and answer sessions as well as regular topic tests, plenty of past paper questions and Christmas and Summer examinations. Pupils’ learning is based around the topic booklets, which pupils store in a green Biology file.

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