Business Studies GCSE

The Business Studies GCSE specification is designed to deepen candidates’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate in a dynamic, changing and competitive environment. This understanding is rooted in current business theory and practice and reflects the integrated nature of organisations and their decision-making processes.

Subject Content

The Business Framework. Types of business organisations: sole traders, partnerships, private and public limited companies and social enterprises such as co-operatives and charities;

Businesses and their Customers. Market research , segmentation of markets, the product life cycle the marketing mix, and marketing constraints.

Producing Goods and Services. Methods of production, stock and quality control, break-even analysis, business growth and location, IT in production.

Human Resource Planning. Recruitment, motivation, payment systems, training.

The External Environment. Globalisation, economics of business.

Business Finance and Control. Profit and Loss accounts and Balance Sheets, cash flow management.

Why Study GCSE Business ?

The course will enable pupils to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. The specification encourages use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts from opinion and to build arguments and make informed judgements. Allows pupils to develop and apply their knowledge and understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range of national, local and international contexts and also appreciate the range of perspectives of different stakeholders in relation to business and economic activities;


Written Paper 75% (2 hours) 100 marks
One paper which will be targeted at the full range of GCSE grades.
Compulsory short-answer questions and compulsory questions based on stimulus material.
Controlled Assessment (25%) 60 marks
Task Setting is set by WJEC with centres choosing from a range of comparable tasks.
The controlled assessment analysis and evaluation – up to 2000 words, will be based on independent research into a topic based on one or more specification areas.

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