Drama GCSE

drama2016-day2-8‘All the World’s a Stage…..’ Shakespeare.

Drama is an art, a practical activity and an intellectual discipline. Like all the arts drama helps us to make sense of the world and of ourselves. This exciting, creative G.C.S.E course allows pupils to develop their intellectual, creative and practical skills in an holistic and dynamic manner. Stage design, costume, lighting and sound are all explored.

The three-unit specification of the course enables pupils to study the works of theatre practitioners and theatre genres and to actively engage in devising their own dramatic pieces, as well as exploring significant plays. Pupils study an influential play and respond both creatively and analytically to it. Pupils develop their critical skills by attending live theatre performances and evaluating both those performances and their own dramatic work. This multi-faceted course of study fosters a truly imaginative, creative and individualistic approach to learning.

Entry Requirements

It is useful to have studied Drama before but it is not essential. Enthusiasm, an interest in the subject and a love for the arts are all that you need to bring with you.

Course Content

There are three components, one of which is a written examination.
Component One: Devising Theatre
Pupils participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of devised theatre which is internally assessed.
Pupils complete a written evaluation of the devised theatre performance under formal supervision. This is also internally assessed.
Pupils will be assessed on either acting or design.
Time allowed – one and a half hours.
Component One comprises 40% of the overall marks.

Component Two: Performing Theatre
Pupils participate in a performance based on two ten minute extracts from a play of their own choice. This is externally assessed by a visiting examiner.
Component two comprises 20% of the overall marks.

Component Three: Interpreting Theatre
Pupils complete an examination paper consisting of a series of questions on a set text which is explored from the viewpoints of an actor, designer and director.
Pupils also complete a review of a live theatre production seen during the course.
Time allowed one hour and thirty minutes.
Component three comprises 40% of the overall marks.

Where does it lead?

G.C.S.E Drama fosters a knowledge and understanding of drama and the arts, performance and script-writing skills and skills of analysis and literary criticism.

Intra and interpersonal skills are boosted as pupils use drama to explore the human condition. Many students will go on to study drama at A level and then at university. It is often studied with English Literature, Art and Music.

This subject can lead directly to a career in the creative arts in all of its facets, as well as being a beneficial course of study for any career involving public speaking, public relations and presentation skills at all levels.

It is an excellent preparation for life and all careers as it engenders self-awareness, self-confidence and communication skills.

‘All The World’s a Stage…’
Come and learn to tread that stage with ease.

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