At St. Michael’s we believe that excellent literacy and communication is central to children’s academic achievement. This subject contributes to the personal growth of children in terms of imagination, expression and clarification of thought. We offer children a wide experience of literature reflecting our cultural heritage and strive to nurture their appreciation with a stimulating programme of appropriate and excellent quality novels and poetry. We aim to develop children’s critical awareness and their ability to articulate their opinions confidently.

Each class has its own library with an excellent selection of fiction and non-fiction books which reflect the cultural diversity of the school. These are added to regularly with up-to-date titles. All pupils are encouraged to develop as wide an interest in reading as possible.

At St. Michael’s we recognise our responsibility to ensure that the creative and emotional aspects of a childs’ growth are accompanied by the acquisition of skills necessary to communicate effectively in our fast changing society. We aim to provide a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of English; Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Our approach is to integrate these aspects wherever possible, for example linking drama with creative writing. Children are also encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their work, with emphasis put on clear, neat handwriting and accurate spelling. We use the Nelson scheme to ensure the children’s progression in these important areas.

English is acknowledged as an essential competence and we endeavour to develop this competence in every aspect of the curriculum to ensure the maximum growth and enjoyment in this crucial element of children’s education.

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