History GCSE

History GCSE

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Course Overview

History is a fascinating subject.

History GCSE helps students develop a number of useful skills, which can be readily transferred to employment, further study and for life itself. These skills include empathy, analysis, evaluation, interpretation and the ability to write persuasively, coherently and conclusively.

History facilitates knowledge and understanding of the past and its connections to today and develops written-English skills. In History lessons, students have opportunities to discuss and debate issues and to critically support these with evidence. The subject helps pupils to think carefully and to put forward opinions in a persuasive manner.

Most importantly History should be fun.

Course Content:

For GCSE History we use the WJEC Examination Board.
• Unit 1: Britain: Austerity, Affluence and Discontent: 1951-1979.
• Unit 2: Germany In Transition, 1919-1939.
• Unit 3: Changes In Health and Medicine, c.500 to the present day.
• Unit 4: Investigation (coursework) on Civil Rights in the USA – 1940-1970 and a particular focus on the role of Martin Luther King.


• Unit 1 – Written examination: 1 hour (25%).
• Unit 2 – Written examination: 1 hour (25%).
• Unit 3 – Written examination: 1 hour and 15 minutes (30%).
• Unit 4 – Investigation (coursework) completed in lessons in Year 11 (20%).


Excursions will take place to such amazing places as the First World War Battlefields of Belgium and France and historical Berlin.

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