Physical Education A level

A Subject for a Healthy lifestyle

All aspects of life require a level of fitness and the use of skills and movements. If you are interested in improving these skills, learning how they work, understanding how to develop a healthy lifestyle, then Physical Education is for you. The study of Physical Education is relevant to our everyday lives and in our futures. We are in a world where people want to improve their fitness and lifestyle. Many more are going on to make careers in the sporting field. The knowledge of how the body works and how we improve these skills is fundamental to a healthy, active lifestyle.

A new syllabus and scheme of assessment started in September 2016. Much of the course topic content remains the same as the previous syllabus. Topics such as exercise physiology, performance analysis and training, sports psychology, skill acquisition and sport and society.

Entry Requirements

A good grounding in Physical Education is essential – preferably playing practically at a high level and having a good grade at GCSE in Physical Education. You will also need to be competent in Biology, ICT and Mathematics. You can combine Physical Education with any subjects but you will find that studying Biology may help you in particular. You need to have a good level of English, both written and spoken. You should have a curiosity about the subject and the ability to think for yourself.

Course Content

The specification we follow is the WJEC Syllabus. In accordance with the school policy, ALL students will be entered for AS, regardless of whether or not they intend to follow the A-level course for the full two years.

AS Level (one year) and Year 1 A-level content:

1. Exercise physiology, performance analysis and training
2. Sports psychology
3. Skill acquisition
4. Sport and society

Improving personal performance in Physical Education
As a performer
As an official or coach
Personal performance profile

Year 2 A-level content:

5. Exercise physiology, performance analysis and training
6. Sports psychology
7. Skill acquisition
8. Sport and society

Refining personal performance in Physical Education
As a performer
As an official or coach
Investigative research

Practical Assessment:

There will be an internal assessment that leads to marks that contribute towards the AS or A-level grades. The performances are externally moderated by a visiting moderator. Pupils can offer off-site activities for assessment but appropriate DVD/digital evidence must be available.


AS Physical Education exam (after 1 year of study):

Exploring physical education
A written examination lasting 1 hour 45 mins.
This is 24% of the A level qualification but 60% of the AS qualification
It is a paper worth 72 marks. Assessing all AS subject content.
Contextualised questions including multiple choice, data response short and extended answers.

Improving personal performance in physical education
Practical non examination assessment.
This is 16% of the A level qualification but 40% of the AS qualification
It is worth 48 marks with 24 marks for the practical performance, 12 marks for the coach/official role and 12 marks for the personal performance profile.

A-level Physical Education exam (after 2nd year of study):

Evaluating physical education
A written examination lasting 2 hours
This is 36% of the A level qualification
It is a paper worth 90 marks
A range of questions including data response, short and extended answers.

Where does it lead?

Students have gone onto study many different degree courses. These include Health Studies, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Marketing, Occupational Therapy, Sport Science and Teaching. The list is very varied and reflects the fact that Physical Education is a valued A-level that leads to the development of a rounded student.

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Reading List

The World of Sport Examined – Oxford University Press

AS and A Level PE through Diagrams: Oxford Revision Guides- Oxford University Press
Revision Express AS and A2 Physical Education- Pearson Longman

Useful websites: