Physical Education GCSE

netball2016-day2-92You should choose GCSE PE if you love being active and want to find out more about how to improve your performance. Are you one of the pupils who enjoy being outside running around in all kinds of weather, a pupil who enjoys all kinds of sports?

Entry Requirements

A good grounding in sport is essential. The best preparation would be to perform to a good standard across a number of different sports. It is really important that you are committed to improving your practical skills in your own time (i.e. join clubs, play for school, and work on your fitness). You can combine Physical Education with any subject but there is a big cross over with Biology. You need to have a good level of English, both written and spoken. You should have a curiosity about the subject both in a practical sense and a theoretical sense.

Course Content

The specification we follow is the WJEC Syllabus.

Theory Course Content

1. Health, training and exercise
2. Exercise physiology
3. Movement Analysis
4. Psychology of sport and physical activity
5. Socio-cultural issues in sport and physical activity

Practical Course

Pupils will be assessed in three different activities in the role of a performer. One of these has to be a team sport and another an individual sport the third can be either. One of the sports is selected as the major activity. You also have to produce a personal fitness programme that is linked to the major chosen activity.


Unit 1:
Introduction to Physical Education
This is a written examination paper which is 2 hours in length. It is worth 50% of the GCSE qualification. The paper is marked out of 100. There will be a selection of short answers and extended questions. The questions are based on Audio-Visual stimuli and other sources.

Unit 2:
The active participant in Physical Education
This is a non-examination assessment. It is a practical assessment where the visiting moderator assesses the activities and performances. For off-site activities i.e. Skiing, Dance the moderator will view DVD/ digital evidence. The major activity and linked personal fitness programme is marked out of 44 marks with the two minor activities marked out of 28 marks each.
There is also a written personal fitness programme which is assessed by the teacher.
This section is 50% of the GCSE qualification and is marked out of 100 marks.

Where does it lead?

Students go on to study Physical Education at A level, sport science at BTEC, etc.
Future careers include Physiotherapists, PE teachers, Coaches, Personal trainers, Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Marketing, Occupational Therapy, Sport Science and Teaching.

Reading List

Physical Education Complete Revision and Practice – CGP books
GCSE Physical Education Revision Guide- CGP books

Useful websites:

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