Physics A level

Understanding the world around us and the Universe at large

Physics is a fascinating subject and provides some of the answers as to how things around us work. It is a fundamental science that uses mathematics to help describe and support its theories and laws describing the behaviour of everything, from the microscopic building blocks of matter to the Universe and everything else in between.

Physics as an area important to society is exemplified by our enormous reliance on the production of electrical energy and technology. The quest for ever more energy efficient resources is Physics led; the development of your latest smart phone, enhanced global communication via satellites and optical fibre networks, development of better transportation, advanced medical equipment and journeys in to space all demonstrate practical applications.

The study of Physics will help develop a skill set that can be applied in a wide range of careers such as engineering, science or medicine. These analytical, problem solving and quantitative skills are also highly respected in many other disciplines such as finance and management. GCSE, AS and A-level Physics are highly regarded by a wide range of employers demonstrating numeracy, literacy, logical thought, and the ability to apply knowledge to new situations.

If you are of a questioning nature, with a thirst for greater understanding then Physics is ideal as an area of study.

AS/A level Physics

To succeed at AS/A level Physics you will need a good GCSE grade in both Physics (or Additional Science), and Mathematics, preferably A* or A. Ideally, A-level Mathematics would make a good companion to A-level Physics.

The specification we follow is the WJEC GCE Physics course at both AS and A-level.
The AS examinations form a stand-alone qualification or they constitute 40% of the A-level.
Grades awarded at AS level scale from A to E. Grades awarded at A level scale from A* to A.
Students will be provided with a textbook for each year of study: WJEC Physics for AS-level and WJEC

Physics for A2 level

This specification is divided into a total of 5 units, 2 AS units and 3 A2 units. Weightings noted below are expressed in terms of the full A-level qualification.

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What next?

Past students have gone onto study many different degree courses including Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Economics to name but a few.

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