Information Communication Technology

Well resourced I.C.T facility

The Preparatory School has its own bank of 25 laptops. Pupils from Reception to Prep 4 have ICT lessons working on tasks as varied as simple keyboard skills to databases, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations with the added assistance of a Senior School IT technician. Pupils also have full use of the lap tops across the curriculum.

2016-ictchrisday1-4rAll pupils enjoy the use of two up-to-date computer suites each boasting over twenty machines and the assistance of the Senior School I.C.T technician and specialist I.C.T teachers.


From simple keyboard skills

Whilst Nursery and Reception pupils learn simple keyboard skills on their class computers, pupils from Pre Prep 1 to Prep 4 spend a maximum of one hour a week in the computer suite working on tasks as varied as basic text manipulation to databases, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

ictjunior2016-day3-34Each classroom is fully equipped with internet linked PCs, where staff encourage pupils to complete their own research for all areas of the curriculum. Once again the smooth transition to the Senior School is ensured.