The School Council

The School Council was established in 2008

Why do we have it?

“To make school more fun.”

“To organise events for children.”

“For children to have a say in the running of the school.”

Who can join?

Anyone from Pre Prep 1 to Prep 4 can put themselves forward for nomination. We have a very strong Student Council with representatives from Nursery to Prep 4. The Council representatives raise funds for various charities as well as initiate improvements to the school environment.


What have they done so far?

✔ Set up a daily fresh fruit stall and banned sugary drinks to complement our healthy eating programme.

✔ Raised funds to supply each child with a water bottle as part of our ‘keep hydrated’ campaign.

✔ Bought a ‘Buddy Bench’ to ensure that no child is left alone during playtimes.

✔ Played an integral role in the school gaining its Eco Schools’ Award.

✔ Bought picnic benches and parasols to make our school more attractive.

✔ Set up a “worry” box for children to let staff know discretely about any problems they are having.

All of these extra activities help to enrich the quality of our pupil’s learning experiences.