Life in Prep School

Life at St. Michael’s

Laying the foundations for the future academic success of our pupils for GCSE, A Level and beyond.

St. Michael’s School was established in 1923 and after many years of academic success at Senior level, demand was such that a Preparatory Department was started in 1985 with just six junior pupils. So successful was the department that with the addition of a Pre Prep it has grown into a school in its own right. With a dedicated and hardworking staff, St. Michael’s Preparatory School is one of Wales’ leading Independent Schools.


Through continuous assessment and regular examinations we are quickly able to identify pupils’ strengths. Small class sizes ensure that learning is tailored to the individual and that they are challenged throughout their school life. We aim to create an environment where pupils feel cared for and respected. We nurture and support our children to develop confidence in their own abilities ensuring each child reaches their full potential. We successfully combine traditional methods with a broad and well balanced curriculum, designed to enthuse and inspire our pupils, whilst aiming to challenge each child’s natural desire to learn. meadowbacks2016-day4-83Prep School Playground