Homework & Discipline

Careers, Reports and Examinations


Extensive provision is made for careers guidance in the school and we have formed a strong partnership with Careers Wales, who support us in guiding our pupils at the important stages of their school lives. Form 3 receive careful and detailed advice and support on GCSE options and Form 4, 5 and 6 pupils are given one to one careers interviews as well as meetings with Heads of Year to discuss Further and Higher Education and career choices.

Forms 4, 5 and 6 also visit careers fairs, take part in mock interviews and we arrange training from Careers Wales at various times of the year. Upper Sixth Pupils are given detailed advice and support in order to complete their UCAS applications and make appropriate choices.

Reports and Examinations

Internal examinations for all Senior School pupils in all subjects are held at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms – and detailed reports posted to parents immediately afterwards. We also run half termly tests in all subjects and write half term progress reports. We pride ourselves on this culture of testing to monitor and track progress. It gives our students a real advantage when they come to sit external examinations and feel prepared and experienced at working under formal, timed conditions.

Regular close contact with parents is essential, and we keep parents informed about their child’s progress through our reporting system in addition to annual Parents’ Evenings. We like to foster close relationships with parents, and we welcome parental contact. It is always possible to arrange a visit, or chat on the phone with subject teachers, form teachers or Heads of Year if there are questions or concerns. You will always find us approachable and communicative.

Homework and Discipline


We have always believed in instilling a positive work ethic at St. Michael’s and the importance of routine homework setting and its conscientious and careful completion is essential if children are to flourish and share some responsibility for their learning.

Each Form has a homework timetable, and homework is set accordingly – an average of four subjects per day requiring work to be done at home.  Pupil planners are also issued to every pupil to help with organisation. These provide another link between home and school as parents and teachers check the planners weekly.


Our organisation of the school into Lower School, Upper School and Sixth Form allows us to monitor behaviour and progress closely and appropriately. We have very high standards of behaviour and do not tolerate any behaviour which is disrespectful to others or the school environment. We expect our pupils to present themselves impeccably, wearing the school uniform correctly, and to behave with courtesy, maturity and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Our rules are clear and are continually reinforced to make the school environment a safe, happy and positive one where pupils and teachers can work successfully together. Inappropriate behaviour is punished accordingly.