Information Communication Technology

ICT is taught across the curriculum and throughout all ages within the school. All pupils are provided with a Google for Education and Microsoft 365 account, which affords them unlimited storage in ‘the cloud’. We also have Microsoft IT Academy status which allows access to a range of specialist software for learning programming, and entitles students to a free copy of Microsoft Office for home use.

The subject itself has a great appeal to all pupils whether delivered as a cross curricular entitlement or via discrete subject lessons. We have two dedicated computer suites which have been recently refurbished with new computer equipment, plus a range of PC’s, electronic whiteboards and projectors distributed throughout the school.


GCSE and A Level Computer Science feature prominently in the options offered to pupils in years nine and eleven respectively. Pupils are introduced to coding from an early age and in year 7, they get to use a BBC micro:bit which is a handheld, fully programmable, computer.

This is a useful tool to satisfy young enquiring minds as the possibilities are endless; from building simple games, to creating musical instruments. Similarly in year 9, they get to work with another hand-held device called Raspberry Pi.