Lower School

Lower School: Years 7 - 9

We offer pupils at this Key Stage a wide range of opportunities for teaching and learning. We follow the National Curriculum subject guidelines for learning at this Key Stage, but are determined to offer teachers freedom to develop and modify the curriculum in order to stretch, challenge and engage our pupils.

Pupils usually study as a Year Group in these years, but we stream in Maths and English from Year 8 onwards. We are keen to offer learning environments which are flexible and enriching and can be tailored to suit the needs of each class, whilst equipping pupils to face their GCSE’s with confidence. We are lucky to work with many gifted and talented pupils, and we are able to offer opportunities which stretch and challenge, enabling some pupils to sit GCSE’s early.

2016-day1boysoutsider-23As a result, our curriculum in these years is broad and balanced, but gives pupils a thorough grounding. From Year 8 onwards for instance, Sciences are taught as three separate subjects. Information Technology is taught from Year 7 and we offer a broader range of languages than is often found in other schools. French is compulsory, but Welsh is also optional from Year 8 and Spanish can be studied from the start of Year 9.

An afternoon of extra-curricular activities is arranged weekly for Years 7 & 8. These activities range from skiing to rock climbing and drama, and are important in developing social relationships, providing pupils with challenges outside the classroom and introducing them to new opportunities.

2016-artday1-73At the end of Year 9, pupils are guided through the GCSE Options selection process and it is a process which we take a great deal of time and care over. We are as flexible as possible, and consult parents and pupils extensively in order that a balanced and appropriate selection is made which suits the need of each child.

“The academic standards are very high and it’s a good challenge to live up to them”
Year 9 Pupil