Upper School: GCSE's in Years 10 - 11

Most pupils will sit 10 or 11 GCSE examinations, but we work with pupils very closely to monitor progress and some students take fewer subjects in order to be supported further in literacy or numeracy if necessary. Again, we encourage a broad range, and specialisation is left as late as possible in order that decisions about future careers are considered carefully and options are left open. We offer a flexible approach to learning and are keen to stretch those who need it and offer support where it is needed too. Below are a list of compulsory GCSE subjects and our range of optional GCSE subjects. 2016-historyyr10-49r

2016-yr10dramaday2-13Gifted and talented

Gifted and talented mathematicians are able to be ‘Fast tracked’ each year, taking their examinations in Year 10 and achieving outstanding results year after year. We have also provided similar opportunities in English and Languages and our pupils have achieved similarly outstanding results.

“Everyone is so helpful and positive here. I feel and have always felt I can get support if I need it”  Year 11 Pupil