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St. Michael’s School is one of the UK’s leading independent schools, consistently highly ranked yet remaining inclusive and committed to our mission of success for all students who join us.

Our Ethos

Our GCSE and A-Level results are consistently outstanding, placing us very high in the national rankings. We seek to bring out the potential of every learner, actively looking for personalised strategies to enable everyone to harness their individual talents. Whilst many high performing schools focus on making their statistics favourable first, ours are a natural result of genuine individual success, which is a product of excellent teaching and a motivational climate.

With several hundred pupils, there are a wide range of opportunities open to pupils, to forge valuable friendships which enable them to support one another and delight in learning. Everyone is focused on reaching their goals, resulting in a visible synergy in lessons and study periods. Staff know pupils well and are able to provide excellent pastoral care, leading to our learners developing resilience, confidence and strong self-esteem.

Our teaching staff deliver a vibrant curriculum, selecting the best subject content and qualifications, combined with a rich variety of activities to develop pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural knowledge. We take full advantage of our beautiful coastal location and easy transport links to the rest of the UK, which affords us a broad choice of extra curricular options and trips, to take learning beyond the school environment.

Students who board with us make St. Michael’s their home from home, studying effectively yet also enjoying our comfortable accommodation and leisure facilities. Our team of dedicated House Parents ensure that study time in the evenings is used wisely – it’s supervised, meaning that classroom learning during the school day is fully consolidated. Moreover, staff are on hand to support students’ wellbeing and welfare at all times.

Our community is centred on mutual respect for one another, which means standards of conduct and behaviour amongst our students are excellent. Family style values permeate every aspect of school life. It results in a happy and safe environment where everyone is able to focus on their learning, whilst also building the foundations for future success, resulting in a memorable education with a long lasting benefit.

The academic standards are very high and it’s a good challenge to live up to them.

Our caring and experienced teachers strive to draw out the very best from every young person, enabling them to become confident, resilient and capable 

The Prep School is split into two parts; Pre-prep which is for pupils in Nursery up until Year 3 and then the Prep School which is for pupils in Years 4-6. Both are on the same grounds as our Senior School, which means that pupils are already familiar with their environment when they move up to Year 7.


We offer a wide range of subjects to ensure that even our youngest pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum. The formal teaching of Mathematics and English, which are the fundamental building blocks to understanding and learning, begins in Nursery.

Early Years

We provide a springboard for learning through a balance of structured teaching and play, promoting and developing confidence, independence and perseverance.

Junior School

In the Junior School the formal teaching of Mathematics and English continues and is complemented with “traditional” classroom settings. The Curriculum continues to offer our pupils variety whilst still achieving a solid grounding in the basics.

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Years 7 – 9 

We offer pupils at this Key Stage a wide range of opportunities for teaching and learning. An afternoon of practical activities is arranged weekly for Years 7 and 8, which every pupil takes part in. Throughout Year 9, pupils are guided through the GCSE options selection process We consult parents and pupils extensively in order that a balanced and appropriate selection is made which suits the needs of each child.

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Years 10 – 11

Pupils will sit 11 GCSE examinations; There are a selection of core GCSEs that are taken, plus a broad range of options available so that the door to future career paths remains open. Gifted and talented Mathematicians are able to be ‘Fast Tracked’, taking their examinations in Year 10 and achieve outstanding results each year.

We do not follow the Welsh baccalaureate and the study of Welsh language is not compulsory at GCSE or from Year 9 onwards.

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Our Sixth Form prepares students for their chosen career path; whether that’s to go on to further studies at university, or to take their first steps into the world of work.

A Levels

Most students will take four AS Level subjects in Year 12, followed by three A-Levels in Year 13. Students are expected to demonstrate an interest in a range of non-academic disciplines too such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, orchestra, choir, drama and a variety of sports.

Students can attend our Sixth Form either as a day student or as a weekly or term-time boarding student.

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Medical Preparation Programme 

Each year we have great success with student progression to degree courses in a wide range of subject areas, including some of the most competitive courses: Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Pharmacy, Law, Veterinary and Economics.  Our Medical Preparation course offers a full programme of support and in-depth preparation for Medicine and Dentistry


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