St Michael’s School is a high-performing cluster of schools, comprised of the Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Senior Schools, as well as a popular Sixth Form.  One of the things that makes St. Michael’s a great community to belong to is that we take boys and girls from as young as 3 years old and they stay with us right through to Sixth Form.  At the same time, in any given year, a great many pupils join us from other schools at all ages and are quickly welcomed and fully inducted into school life.

The schools have a close relationship and take part in many shared activities.  This makes the transition from Primary to Secondary education a smooth one, but much more than that, it means that we’re all learning from one another and have great role models to follow in school.  Places fill up quickly, so early application is recommended.  For example, our September Year 7 forms are usually full the November before.

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We aim to provide parents with as much information as possible about the school and the education we provide during the admissions procedure, in order to help parents make an informed decision when considering placing their child or children with us.  The admissions procedures are borne out of a sincere intention to ensure that each prospective pupil can benefit fully from a St. Michael’s education and reach their true potential with us.

New pupils are assigned a ‘buddy’ to help them get to know others and find their way around, as well as being introduced to the pastoral staff who look after pupils’ day to day wellbeing.  Furthermore, we have a visiting professional counsellor as well as Mental Health First Aiders.  Not only is our pastoral care excellent, but our classes are of a particularly academic profile too, where pupils frequently learn in an accelerated manner.  Furthermore, we celebrate the diversity among our pupils who all have different strengths and talents, as well as providing extra support where necessary to overcome any hurdles.  Our aim in all things is to enable young people to discover who they are and develop character, learning important lessons whilst in school, to guarantee success beyond school and a fulfilling career.


UK Admissions Contact:

Michelle Thomas, Admissions Assistant: or 01554 820325

Please contact Michelle for any queries if you’re applying from within the UK and are looking to become a day student.

International Admissions Contact:

Sue Griffin, International Admissions Director: or +44 (1554) 820325

Please contact Sue for any queries if you’re applying from outside the UK and are looking to become a boarding student.  Sue can explain the various options available to international students, including the process for obtaining a visa to study in the UK and the requirements for transferring between international education and the British system.

St Michaels School boarding house

Open Events in 2018-19

Personal tours and visits are available at any time, in the run up to our next open day.  Just phone us.

Whole School Open Morning – Friday 8th March 2019 – BOOK NOW using the link below, after you have booked a member of our team will contact you with further details

Whole School Open Morning – Friday 14th June 2019

Talks from the Headmaster & Senior Team, Guided Tours of the School


Telephone: 01544 820325 • Email:

Stages in our admissions process

Our Admissions Director, Sue Griffin, and Admissions Assistant, Michelle Thomas, are always available to talk interested parents/guardians through the process of applying to join St. Michael’s School.

  • Stage one: Enquiry
  • Stage two: Informal visit
  • Stage three: Completion of application forms and associated forms
  • Stage four: Entrance examinations, provision of previous school reports & school-specific requirements for relevant information/paperwork
  • Stage five: School decision making process
  • Stage six: Communication of decision to parents/guardians

These stages are followed strictly in order and all applications are processed according to our Admissions Policy, which is available upon request.

Guest Visits & Transition Days

Sometimes we will ask that a guest visit is completed to school, where the prospective pupil spends a day getting to know us and for us to get to know them too.  We see these as a key part of admissions to the Prep Schools in particular, but they are also available upon request for the Senior School too.  Transition days are also held in the summer term to help Year 6 begin to make friends in the Senior School and feel settled before the Autumn term starts, becoming familiar with some of the responsibilities and routines of life in the Senior School.

A natural progression from school to school

Our Preparatory and Senior School teachers work closely together on curriculum so that there is a natural progression from Primary to Secondary school syllabuses. Our Scholarship and Entrance Assessment is compulsory for all Year 6 pupils wishing to enter the Senior School and we also administer these for any joiners to Years 8 & 9.  Direct entry to Year 10 and 12 is possible provided an application is supported by the required information.  For more detail on admissions to the different schools, please visit the following links:

Prep Admission

Senior School Admission

International Admissions