Peter Thomas

Graduated in 1973 |

“On 12th June 2021 I was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to policing (42 years). I also received the Lifetime Achievement award from the force in the same week I received the MBE.”

When ask to give students some advice he said, “Be true to yourself and true to others. It will serve you well if you have these two skills for others to see. There is educational attainment and there is emotional attainment. The two should go hand in hand.”

Harry Davies is just starting his second year of university and is enjoying playing rugby for Cardiff Medics as well as Neath Athletic!

His top tip for current students graduating is “It’s a completely new start having to look after yourself and study at the same time. Make sure you manage your time and give yourself plenty of time off. Enjoy it and do as much as you can.”

Lara recently returned from representing Wales in her first Commonwealth Games! “Balancing my A level studies and training leading up to the games was difficult, but worth every minute. My aim now is to continue my studies at university and hopefully compete in the next games.”

She continued to say, “St Michael’s School has given me the support I needed to manage both education and sport and I am grateful to all the teaching staff who have supported me.”

“I am studying hard, and I gained a place on the University volleyball team. I recently won a local pool competition too!

My favourite thing about my time at St Mike’s was just all the friends I’ve made as well as the memories made along with them. My advice would be to do your best and believe in yourself that you can and will achieve your goals. No matter the outcome, you’ll have the greatest time everything happens for a reason.”

After graduating from university with a first class honours, I am now working full time as a Junior Graphic Designer in a design agency called Waters Creative.

My tip for current students would be to pursue what you really want to do. It doesn’t matter what your friends are doing or what anyone else thinks you should pursue. Go for what you want to do because if you put in the hard work it will all be worth it in the end.

“I have Just finished my second year course and will be doing my third year after I come back from a year in Industry in AstraZeneca.”

When asked about her time at St. Michael’s, Sophia said: “Tenby House is the best boarding house I’ve ever lived in (staff + facilities). I received so much support from many people especially the time when I just transferred to st mikes. I made some genuine friends with both my peers and the staff, especially during lockdown time.

I am currently studying Policing, and in order to gain real life experience I have recently passed the Special Constable training and am now qualified as a Special Constable.

My number one top tip for current St. Mikes students is to always believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who encourage you to try your best. Always use your time wisely, although school is meant to be fun, make sure you work hard when the time comes!

am now completing my final year of medical school- currently doing ward based placement at the level of a junior doctor to prepare me for when I graduate!

One of my favourite memories in St Mikes would have to be the end of school paintball day in sixth form. My top tip for any student at St Mikes would be to never give up- utilise every opportunity to better yourself and make the years count. My top tip for anyone starting University would be to keep in touch with friends from school whilst also making new ones!

We are a traditional yet innovative school, where a strong culture of excellent pupil behaviour and effort leads to truly extraordinary learning.

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