Bus Routes

The service provided needs to cover a wide catchment area and will try to accommodate the majority of students who use it, but please note the service provided is not a door to door service.  We have to balance the needs of a large number of students, many of whom travel a long distance and therefore routes are carefully designed to be as equitable as possible.  Please note that routes are subject to changes from time to time, for which ample notice will be given.

Please note, there are a limited supply of seats on all of the bus routes listed. If there is no availability on a particular route at the time of request, students will go onto a waiting list with the transport team, and will be notified when a seat becomes available.

The routes and timetables are listed on the school website.  We politely ask that students are at their stop 5 minutes before their designated departure time.  In the case of younger students we advise parents that are unable to meet the vehicle for the afternoon drop off to contact the transport team and arrange to meet the vehicle on route.  In the case of an absent parent the student will remain on the vehicle as it will need to continue with the journey.

In cases where we are aware that there are delays due to road closures etc. we will try to inform parents wherever possible.  The service does not accept liability through delays due to road works or other closures and will try to mitigate the impact of these as much as possible.


There are 2 price options available for the transport service:
100% Fee entitles the user to a seat full time on one selected bus route.
50% Fee entitles the user to a seat for 5 journeys of a possible 10 per week on one selected bus route. These days and times must be prearranged if students wish to use the service on an ad hoc basis then the 100% fee will apply.
100% Fee users shall have precedent over 50% users.

Payment for the use of school transport whether on a full time or part time basis entitles the user to a seat on one selected bus route only, seats/routes are not interchangeable.

NB: Parents/guardians of bus users are required to give a terms notice in writing both to the transport team (Ian or Lynn) and our finance team, by email.  Due to current demand, there is no short term use available for the service.  The transport team will do their best to help if a parent/guardian requests the service in an emergency.

For students in Yrs. 11 and 13 that will have study leave and not require transport on a full-time basis during that period, then a 50% charge will apply for the last half term.

There are no Summer Term discounts for transport users in YR 12: Year 12s return to school after their exams and start their second-year course early, whereas Year 11s and Year 13s get an extended summer break.

For students that pass their driving test whilst using the transport service and have not given notice, if it is prior to a half term a credit for the second half of the term will be given (50%). If it is during the second half of the term, there is no credit.


Any instances of bad or unruly behaviour that compromises safety will be reported to school in the first instance, as will bullying of any kind.  If it continues the student shall be refused school transport.  The majority of the behaviour rules around the school site also apply on the buses.  Mobile phones may be used respectfully provided they are not producing any sound or other distraction (for example pupils may listen to audio books or music).

Parents or guardians of any student found to cause damage to school transport vehicles, will be liable for all costs incurred for repair.

Please see the Wales Travel Behaviour Code for more guidance.


Seatbelts are provided for students on all vehicles and must be worn for their own safety.


For health and safety of staff and passengers, the majority of vehicles used are fitted with CCTV cameras (footage will only ever be viewed for investigation purposes by authorised personnel when an incident occurs).

Personal Possessions

Students are responsible for their own possessions (e.g. mobile phones, tablets etc.)  Whilst the transport team will do their best to find any reported lost items, transport operators cannot be held liable for any such losses.

Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions – Parents must be aware that no passenger assistants are employed on the school transport service and that drivers are not able to carry medication or to administer medicines/first aid while travelling. Parents of any student with an ongoing condition that requires the ad hoc or emergency use of medication potentially whilst using school transport must inform the school before using the service.  By using the service, parents are warranting that they are completely satisfied that the student is able to safely manage their condition and self-medicate if necessary whilst travelling.  The operator and driver will be notified of the students with health conditions/allergies and that medicine is being transported, however the driver cannot administer medication or first aid.  In an emergency they will stop and call 999 for assistance, but this should not be relied upon to cover those who are unable to manage their condition and self-medicate whilst travelling.  We require parents to notify us as soon as possible where there are any new health conditions and/or treatments.

Age Limits

School transport is available to all pupils, however; due to the specific needs of younger children, we recommend the service to those pupils 5 years of age and above. Younger Pre-Prep students will use the transport on a trial basis to see if it is a suitable option and parents will be notified the outcome of the trial. Please note that use of the school transport service may be delayed depending on the result of the trial period or if the child is not fully toilet trained.

Drop off and Collection Points

It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure that their child/children is/are at the drop off and collection point at the assigned time. Buses will not leave from collection points ahead of schedule.  However, buses will not be able to wait at pick-up points after the allotted time. Due to traffic delays buses may arrive at pick-up and drop-off points behind assigned time.

Inclement Weather

In cases of severe weather please contact the transport team, they will be able to provide you with up to date information regarding the operation of the service.  The school will normally display a message on the front page of the website advising of the operation of the service during icy conditions, snow or flooding.

Food and Drink

Please note that food and drink is not to be consumed on the school buses at any time.

Transport Enquiries

Please address any queries to transport@stmikes.co.uk

Mobile Contact Numbers:

Ian 07970 205599 or Lynn 07967 388462