School Bus Routes

An Extensive Bus Transport Service

St.Mikes offers 11 school bus routes to and from the school:


The route, pick up stops and times for each route are on our School Bus Timetable. Last updated: November 2018. Please ensure you’re at the bus stop 5 minutes before the pickup time stated.

School Transport – Guidelines for Parents: September 2017

Bus Routes

The service provided needs to cover a wide catchment area and will try to accommodate the majority of students who use it, but please note the service provided is not a door to door service. The routes and timetables are listed on the school website. We politely ask that students are at their stop 5 minutes before their designated pick up time. In the case of younger students, we advise parents that are unable to meet the vehicle for the afternoon drop off to contact the transport team and arrange to meet the vehicle on route. In the case of an absent parent, the student will remain on the vehicle as it will need to continue with the journey. In cases where we are aware that there are delays due to road closures etc. we will try to inform parents wherever possible.


There are 2 price options available for the transport service: 100% Fee entitles the user to a seat full time. 50%   Fee entitles the user to a seat for 5 journeys of a possible 10 per week. 100% Fee users shall have precedence over 50% users where seats are limited


Any instances of bad or unruly behaviour that compromises safety will be reported to school in the first instance, as will bullying of any kind. If it continues the student can be refused school transport.


Seatbelts are provided for students on all vehicles and must be worn for their own safety.

Personal Possessions Students are responsible for their own possessions (e.g. mobile phones, tablets etc.) Whilst the transport team will do their best to find any reported lost items, transport operators cannot be held liable for any such losses.

Medical Conditions

Parents must be aware that no passenger assistants are employed on the school transport service and that drivers are not able to carry medication or to administer medicines/first aid while travelling. Parents of any student with an ongoing condition that requires the use of medication must inform the school before using the service and provide written parental consent that the student is able to safely manage their condition and self-medicate if necessary whilst travelling.

Age Limits

There is no minimum age required for use of the transport service, but younger (ELC) students will use the transport on a trial basis to see if it is a suitable option.

Inclement Weather

In cases of severe weather please contact the transport team, they will be able to provide you with up to date information regarding the operation of the service. Please address any queries to Mobile Contact Numbers: Ian 07970 205599 or Lynn 07967 388462